Brussels bus rent: Belgium emergency replacement coach hire

Rent a bus in Brussels (Belgium):

Hire emergency replacement buses in Belgium

If you are encountering an emergency situation due to a third-party bus breakdown in Belgium, our company can help you hire a substitution coach for your broken bus within a very short timeframe. We can send you buses with driver to any place in Brussels and remaining Belgium to replace your original charter bus and make your coach journey carry on. In case of a bus emergency, please let us know the following details:

  1. Bus breakdown location: where exactly did the coach breakdown happen? where do you want your group to be picked up by our replacement bus?
  2. Number of passengers and amount of luggage: how many persons and how much luggage shall our substitution coach pick up from the broken bus?
  3. Planned itinerary of the broken bus: which itinerary had you planned to follow with the broken coach? which part of the planned itinerary shall the substitution coach take over? is it just a transfer to a hotel, or do you need sightseeing stops on the way or maybe a replacement for the rest of your bus travel itinerary?

How to rent a substitution bus in Belgium

In order to accelerate our work and have a substitution bus arrive at the breakdown location as quickly as possible, please send us the above mentioned details by email to . Or are you looking for an emergency replacement coach in a different part of Europe? In this case, visit the emergency coach breakdown service of our partner company "Europe Buses" and let their SOS team help you solve your bus breakdown problem professionally and quickly.